That’s What She Said…….

I am thankful for this bright, beautiful and perhaps a little feisty (like her mom) little girl. She always has something to say and often has us cracking up. Here are some of my favorites from the last couple weeks.

Before trick-or-treating Jenna was so excited she said, “This is the best day of the year! No the second, after Christmas.” What little girl doesn’t like to dress up and get candy?

Our friend couldn’t come to dinner with us because she wasn’t feeling well. It was the day after Halloween and she asked “Does she not feel good because she ate too much candy?”

I was taking some pictures of the kids in their Christmas clothes for some Christmas gifts (I know that may be weird). I told Jenna if she did well she could have a piece of her candy (yes, I’m that kind of mom). She said, “Okay, if you’re a good photographer then you can a piece of candy too.”

While doing yoga after 5 minutes she says “I’m going to make up my own yoga.” After a while she said, “This is called layin on the floor more.” I asked why she chose that name and she said, “Because you have to lay on the floor for all the poses.”

I asked her to sing some songs with me for Isaac. I started one and over the top of my singing she says, “Have you heard the new version of that song?” I say no. Let’s just sing this one. I choose another one and she sighs loudly. I stop again and ask what the problem is. She says, “I have a new version of that one too.” Do you sense a theme here? She is very independent and wants to do it her own way. Lord help me.

During the World Series she asked Matt randomly (when the game wasn’t on) “Is that team called the birds?” What team?, Matt asked “The baseball team on TV.” No, those are called the Cardinals. Very observant.

Matt and Jenna were talking and Matt said, “In only 13 more years you’ll be going to college.” Jenna said, “No, it will be longer than that.” Matt asked if she was going to go to college at UofO. She said, “Which ones are they?” Matt told her the Ducks and she said, “No, I won’t go there. I’m a Beaver fan.”

Jenna was telling me about how birds eat worms and I said that they were smart at hunting worms. She said, “Yep, smarter than a Texas tornado.” I have never heard that saying before. I don’t know where she gets it.

*Notice she’s wearing flip flops in that picture……in November. Amazing.

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