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Portland is known for many things. The newest one is for mandating that everyone compost. Maybe mandate is a strong word but they gave everyone a compost bucket that we’re supposed to use for our food scraps and they are no longer picking up garbage every week (now I’m really glad we use cloth diapers or our garbage can would really be overflowing), so they are trying to mandate it.

Although this seems like a great idea, I’m not such a fan. For one, it stinks. Two, it doesn’t cut down on my garbage. Three, they are now charging more every month and picking up the garbage half as often. That’s a great plan……for them. Oh life in the progressive city.

One of our staff guys made a video about it. It’s so funny and so accurate, even down to the outfits they’re wearing. I hope you enjoy it and it makes you smile. I’m thankful for smart people who can create things like this so I can have a good laugh (and because I’m not so tech savvy I can’t get it to appear here you have to click on the link).

2 thoughts on “Cranky Composter”

  1. I think the video needs more cursing, even if you ARE on staff with a Christian organization. It’s not like that organization includes “Christ” in the name any more, so I think you’re off the hook there.

    Compost should NOT include meat, dairy, or any fats whatsoever, or it WILL stink, when all the fats go rancid. That crap gets thrown away. Good compost should smell like slightly fortified dirt, or coffee grounds, if you drink enough of that beverage. Ugh. What an interesting and lousy thing to have foisted upon you. I find environmentalism as religion offensive and a little nutso. Good luck having a better attitude than your sweet MT friend, who has reached the point where she ONLY recycles non-renewable resources (some plastics, steel, and aluminum). I’m a rebel… you should probably pray for me.

  2. That is so funny! Especially the part about dead squirrels! My mom lives in Germany and they each have huge composting bins (like bigger than a normal outside trashcan) and little trash containers and only get containers based on the number of people in the house. If you have a baby you can get special permission to get an extra trash ‘ration’. But you definitely should not put any meat or dairy products into the compost (I researched it a while back because Julie C inspired me to look into composting worms).
    The only reason we recycle is so we don’t have to pay for extra trash pickup (oops did I say that outloud?). I think I like Portland, it’s so entertaining for those of us who live in a small town, thanks for enduring on my behalf!


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