Where Do You Recharge?

Today as we were leaving the house we discovered that our car wouldn’t start. A light on the inside had been left on overnight. So this morning I was thankful for AAA. He said it may not start again tomorrow because it needs to be charged for a couple hours. I guess we’ll see. Hopefully I won’t have to be thankful for AAA tomorrow too.

It did get me thinking about something though. I often feel like my battery is run down. Life has a way of doing that. Everyday we have to recharge or before we know it, we’re completely dead. Have you been there? So where do you go to recharge? There are so many places I can run to first. Do you run to Facebook like I do? What are the rest of my “friends” up to? Most the time I just find myself even more drained from doing that. Someone’s always got something better going on than I do. They are making 40 crafts a week with their kids, memorizing scripture and cooking gourmet meals, oh my. Or the hurt that’s going on in their life is screaming out from their status update and I just feel sad after reading it. (I know good stuff happens there too). Or maybe it’s Twitter, or blogs, or TV, or the fridge, exercise, or even filling my schedule with good things that I run to. All those things can be good and can help recharge our batteries but I’ve come to find that the only real thing that does that is time with God. I know, most of you know this, as do I, but do I live it out? Do I plug in every day to God’s Word and get the strength and tools that I need for the day there? When I don’t, I feel drained. So today, I was reminded once again, go to the best power source there is, the Almighty God.

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