Pumpkins and Picture Frenzy

The iPhone has made it so easy to capture really great pictures every where you go. I have a need (obsession if you will) to freeze frame every Kodak moment around my house. I think my children are so adorable that I don’t want to miss a second of it. This may or may not drive my husband insane. Anyhow, while our friends Josh and Holly were here we all went to the Pumpkin Patch because Jenna’s preschool was going. Josh managed to capture Holly and I taking pictures of our kids on our iPhone’s and it totally made me laugh. Now I do this so I can send pictures out for the world to see and also take them with my nice Cannon as well. It makes for a very busy photographer.

Besides taking a hundred pictures we had such a great time picking out pumpkins, going down slides (the children of course, not us), seeing the animals and eating the most delicious pumpkin donuts ever. Have you been out to the Pumpkin Patch yet?

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