House Pergatory

I wish that things were always black and white. I’m not a gray kind of person, I’m sure you’ve noticed by now. I want God to write it on the wall but most of life’s decisions don’t work that way. Sometimes things are pretty clear and we know what God is asking us to do and other times there may not be a right or a wrong answer. That’s how this whole house buying thing has felt. There are definitely pro’s and con’s on each side of it. The economy is terrible, should we buy another house? The rent here is outrageous, making buying a house more affordable monthly (And we want nothing more than to be good stewards of what He has entrusted us with). This list goes on. So we proceed and pray like crazy. We thank God for the opportunity that we have and trust Him with the future. That’s all we can do with everything anyway.

We made an offer on the cute yellow house 7 weeks ago. That’s right 7 weeks. It has been one mighty complicated process for many reasons. Matt likes to call it house purgatory (not that we believe in purgatory, but you get the picture). We are currently unhappy in the house we’re in because of having to show it over and over again. We certainly didn’t sign up for that and I won’t go into the details but just ONE example is that we had a realtor walk into our house at dinner time while we had guests to show our house and she didn’t even knock, or set up an apt. for that matter. We are just waiting for all the paperwork to be complete so we know if we can move forward and actually move soon. Really praying it will be soon. Also REALLY praying we’ll be able to sell our place in Bozeman soon. Anyone want to buy a really great place in Bozeman?!

I know there are much worse things (like cancer) and I’m thankful to have a roof over our head, but man I’ll be thankful when this process is over.

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