Best Fake Birthday Ever

This was the look on Matt’s face when he got to staff meeting on Friday morning and they informed him his birthday was not that day but the next. What?! How could this be? I have had it in my mind for the past month that his birthday was on Friday. We had friends in town and we were all excited that we would celebrate together. No one, not even Matt realized that it was the wrong day. Facebook even said it was his birthday on Friday and people started leaving messages. So this means one of many things:

  • I am amazingly gifted at convincing others of things (even facebook was convinced).
  • ¬†our lives are so crazy that we need to slow down a little so we actually know what day of the week it is.
  • I was so on top of it (as my friend Kristi tried to tell me) that I wanted to be a day early instead of a day late.

I don’t know exactly how this happened (I even have a calendar on the wall with his picture on the 8th, clearly Sat.) but it made for one of the funniest days we’ve had in a long time. Matt thought it was a great gift because we got to celebrate his fake birthday and then his real one. How terrific. It was only fitting that his cake have the number 32 (because he was only 32 on the day that we had cake) + 1, for one more day until his birthday, and then of course that made 33. Sorry sweetie, I just gave away your age.

It indeed was a fantastic week. We were able to celebrate with some of our greatest friends from Bozeman all week. Matt and I both feel blessed.

So cheers to fake birthdays!

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  1. hilarious!!! love this. i can’t believe that i didn’t know! argh! so much to not being on FB anymore. shoot. sorry i missed both his fake & real bdays….love you guys!!!


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