That’s What She Said…….

We were getting ready to go play in Jenna’s kitchen to play restaurant and she says, “First there are some rules to follow: 1. Don’t mess with my writing stuff. 2. Scan your card 3. Give me your money 4. Keep everything clean.” After a few minutes of playing Jenna starts yelling, “Isaac’s breaking rule number 4! He’s breaking rule number 4!”

“I have to go to outer space so I don’t have to go to bed.”

“Wow mom, you’re an expert at cutting triangles and squares” That’s right I’m an expert in the difficult things.

We were headed to school and it was picture day. On the way she said, “okay, I’m going to practice my best smile. I’m going to think of my favorite food.”

Jenna was telling me that she didn’t want to travel (I think she meant move again) anymore but to own our own home to stay in. I told her we could pray for that. She then said, “Be quiet I’m praying.” a few seconds later she said, “Oh, He’s sending me a message back. I’ll read it.” I ask her what it says and she says, “That we will surely own our own house.” I guess we’ll see about that.

Jenna was trying to tell Matt about a certain blanket and he couldn’t remember it. She asked over and over again and Matt told her he couldn’t remember everything. She said, “I guess my brain is just gooder than yours.”

She wanted to watch tv and she said, “Mom can we watch Veggie Tales? It will make Griff (her stuffed animal dog) feel so much better about himself.” Wow, the reasons just keep getting better and better to watch tv.

We’ve had a lot of friends visiting lately. One of them was trying to get a hug before bed and she didn’t want to. When the friend walked away she said, “Why does everyone like me so much?” Yes, that’s a great question  🙂

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