Our chance for a re-do

If you recall, a while back I wrote about a bizarre incident in front of our house that made me feel like we were on the show What Would You Do? Today, was our chance for a re-do. I felt like we did nothing last time but stand in shock. Well not today my friends.

I was sitting outside talking on the phone when all of a sudden I hear yelling and a lot of expletives coming from the front. I quickly go to the window to see what the commotion is and lo and behold it is the same couple plus another gentleman fighting in front of our house. Oddly enough she is yelling about her car again. So weird! Only this time we called the police.

We’ve had to call the police in Bozeman before and it was quite a different experience. They asked Matt a few more questions like “What ethnicity are they? What are they wearing? Do they have any weapons in their hands?” All good and valid questions that apparently aren’t as pertinent in a small town. And for the record, they were fast. It only took about 5 minutes which is impressive to me.

Nothing like a domestic dispute to liven up your Sunday afternoon. I just know that if they fight in front our house twice in one summer I can only imagine what a day in their home looks like. Just another example of how broken the world is.

Unfortunately, they walked away, leaving the car behind by the time the police arrived. They may have gotten away this time but it wasn’t for a lack of effort on our part; not this time.

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