Sometimes You Just Need Your Mom

One of the bonus features of our staff conference is usually the flu. And well, we did not escape it’s grip this time around either.

As I shared before, Isaac was the first victim. Then Thursday morning Jenna was taken out fast and the poor little soul lay moaning on the floor most the day in between her 14 times to the toilet. After it was done ravaging her sweet little 4 year old body it quickly made it’s way toward me. My journey to the toilet started about 10 pm and then Matt’s began about 5 am. I know you’re dying to hear all these details. Let me assure you I’m holding back. At 6 am I could think of nothing else but “I need my mommy!” And more importantly my children needed their grammy. So I called her at approximately 6:04 and being the saint that she is she showed up on our doorstep at approx. 9:30. Bless her soul! She came to our rescue, cared for our kids and then made us homemade chicken noodle soup for dinner (which is hands down better than any can of soup that claims to be like your grandmothers – they lie.) This my friends is what I consider a wonderful mother. She risked her own health to come to our aid. Now, please pray with me that she is spared the wrath of our flu.

Thank you mom!

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