Ahhhhh the Beach

Sorry I’ve been delinquent in blogging. I know, you’re dying for me to return. Well, that’s what the flu and then having family arrive for 10 days will do; slow the blogging slightly. We’ve just been having too much fun to sit down and write.

We crammed, and I mean crammed, into our car and ventured to the beach yesterday. It was a blue sky, sun beaming down kind of day. Perfect weather really. Did you know that you can get sunburned on the Oregon coast? Well, I must have forgotten this actually happens because I failed to wear sunscreen and paid for that oversight. But, I digress.

As we strolled down the beach there were several (very large) sandcastles being made which made Jenna fall into the comparison trap. “Why don’t WE ever build sandcastles that great?!” That is daddy’s job. That’s why. Then right above us on the beach these two guys were digging a hole, and digging a hole, and digging a hole. I’m not sure for what but they were still digging when we left the beach that afternoon. So that led the men in our camp to have to dig a hole to play in (although a much smaller hole).

It was a fun-filled day for sure. Even Isaac couldn’t stay out of the ocean. He would have crawled right out into the waves if we would have let him. But rest assured, we didn’t let that happen. We even brought home some of the beach with us; in every crevice of the children, piece of clothing worn and bag carried with us. It’s the gift that keeps on giving really.

Tomorrow we’re off to the zoo. The fun never ends around here.

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