Bubble Busted

Well our nice little bubble has been busted. I was sort of dreading the return to “normalcy” or “reality” if you will, from our time away this summer. And well, reality has arrived.

I begrudgingly got out of bed at 3 am (after a whopping 3 hours of sleep) on Wednesday morning to get ready for our trip home. We then discovered that Isaac had been throwing up all night. Thankfully he only threw up one more time on the way to the airport and slept most of the way home on the plane. We also got notice that we had lost a couple of our ministry partners which is always a bit discouraging. This all happened before 6 am.

Then today Isaac has had some explosive diarrhea. The really fun kind that makes you want to throw up. So far the rest of us are not sick. Let’s hope it stays that way.

Upon arriving home from grocery shopping today I ventured out to the freezer so I could put some items in there. I discovered that it was not working and the smell that came from inside was less than desirable. Yah. All our bags of veggies, some pizza, meat, our hand picked peaches and rhubarb, and my freshly made batch of raspberry jam had sadly perished.

Despite a few sour events I refuse to be derailed. I give thanks that it is finally sunny here in Portland, we have money to put more food in the freezer and that God’s mercies are new every morning.

6 thoughts on “Bubble Busted”

  1. oh girl! wow, welcome home. sorry for the abrupt start of a “normal” routine. praying for you. peace and patience in the midst of it all. and if it makes you feel any better…the moles terrorized our yard! brian is taking lethal action!

  2. Satan’s tools of mischief. Claiming victory for you today, especially now that you have that pesky FB scam totally under control.

    I love you. You’re in my heart and prayers.


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