A couple mornings while in Hawaii I walked along the beach to look for seashells. I promised Jenna I would bring her some back. There were TONS of them, mostly tiny ones and lots of broken pieces of coral.  I picked up one and thought “this is so cool, it’s still whole.” After returning to the condo I was showing Matt my treasures and then we sat quietly reading for a while. That’s when I noticed my lovely “whole” shell moving in the bag. I took it out and there was definitely something in there. We had a great time watching it open and close, I know, we’re easily entertained. And we’re used to our kids entertaining us so what more can I say? After a while Matt decided we should put it back in the water. I thought that was a great idea and thought “ya, lets walk down to the water and put him in” when suddenly he picked it up and chucked it from the balcony all the way to the water. I couldn’t believe it. I was so not prepared for that and I bet that little muscle or whatever it was wasn’t either. Matt on the other hand thought it was pretty funny.

On a more serious note, when I was walking with my head down, staring at the sand looking so intently for shells I kept thinking to myself, “I’m missing a beautiful view right now walking along this beach.” But I was so focused on the sand I couldn’t look up. I wonder how often in life I do that? Get so focused on something I’m looking for and miss the greater beauty and the landscape around me. I don’t want to lose sight of the bigger picture and that’s just hard to do sometimes.

That’s one thing I love most about being near the ocean, I feel small, God feels big and the beauty of it all revives my soul. The fact that I was with my incredible husband and the weather was amazing just made it all that much sweeter. Thank you Lord!

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