Turtle Town

Jenna really thought we were going to Turtle Town so if I hadn’t swam with a turtle and brought a picture back to prove it I think she may have been as disappointed as I was. Well, fortunately we were able to swim with a couple turtles and it was amazing. The turtle was looking the other direction in our picture which was a bummer. At one point when I was swimming next to this guy he turned his head, looked at me and opened his mouth. I took that to mean, “it’s nice to meet you but don’t come any closer.” So, I didn’t.

Our friend Janna also took us out on a rigger canoe with a friend of hers named Conrad. Conrad had all kinds of stories to tell us and would randomly sing Hawaiian chants. Quite the character. While rowing around we saw about a dozen turtles come up to the surface. It was an amazing experience. Thank you Turtle Town!

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