Awkward Dress Compatability

Matt and I have, well, ok, I have conversations with Matt about dress compatibility. I don’t like to go out if I’m way dressier than he is and vise versa. But some couples take this a whole different direction. And I’m sorry if this offends anyone but I just think it’s really funny and a little wrong to match your spouse. Just sayin.

So while in Hawaii we actually saw quite a few couples wearing the same shirt. One of the groups even had four friends wearing matching shirts. The funny thing was that all but one of the couples were wearing the exact same red Hawaiian shirt. I couldn’t help myself and started taking photos (well, Matt took them and I was in them. We couldn’t be THAT obvious). I know, I’m cruel but I just couldn’t stop myself. So here are a couple pictures for your viewing pleasure. There were many I passed up believe me.

**I think I’ve been watching too much America’s Next Top Model but the first thing I noticed in that top picture was how strange my arm looked against the tree. I don’t know what was happening there.

3 thoughts on “Awkward Dress Compatability”

  1. LOL!! That’s all I can say to this post. SO FUNNY! Thanks for making me forget about this headache for a couple of minutes 🙂 I miss you and your funny self!

  2. Those shirts are RIDICULOUS. I wonder why? How?

    And until you mentioned it, I didn’t even notice your arm. Probably because it’s not in the photo at all.

    HAHAHAHAHA! I love you.


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