Another Encounter

We went to the zoo again today. It was a rainy day to be there but we always have a good time. The best part is just being with friends while being there. It was a pretty mellow day. The animals all seemed to be pretty low key. Maybe the rain affects their mood too. We were almost ready to leave and I thought how strange it was that there hadn’t been some attempt by a primate to attack my daughter. And then we came across the last exhibit of some small monkeys that I hadn’t seen before. Some kids were watching them and they were all sweet and docile. Then Jenna steps up to the glass and pretty soon they are bearing their teeth, hissing at her and occasionally batting the glass. I couldn’t get a good picture with my iPhone but that one in the picture is one of the culprits. It’s safe to say that we should never go on any jungle safari’s with Jenna. We would never make it out alive.

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