“Bible” Reading

I used to sit down for my quiet times with my beloved study Bible and cup of coffee and read. I always thought “How great would it be if that’s the picture my kids have in their minds when they thought of me?” I know, so sweet and spiritual.

But then I got an iPhone. And all those glorious apps put so many things right at your fingertips including a great Bible. And now I’m reading through the Bible in a year and it breaks it up for me and then I get to check the boxes each day. I rarely bust out my actual, real life Bible because it’s on my phone. I miss it. I miss the soft, thin pages and all the underlinings in it. I think I might get it out and use both my phone and my actual Bible.

What about you? Do you still read your Bible in book form or on your phone? Do you feel less spiritual using your phone like I do or is that just my issue? Now my kids will just think I’m wasting time or checking facebook when I’m actually reading the Word. Sad.



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  1. I feel the same way, the phones or apps or daily encouraging emails make it so easy to read the Bible; but there is nothing like the actual word of God in your hand and getting some encouragement.


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