That’s What She Said….

While playing the princess game with her she was putting on an earring and said, “Wow, I have rather big ears for a 4 year old.”

I heard her slip on the stairs and she said, “I’m okay. I’m just trying to find new ways to get down the stairs, like switching it up with my feet.”

“Hey dad are you gonna start dinner?” followed by daddy’s laughter. I love that girl!

Isaac has a bib that says “Chick Magnet.” Jenna wanted to know what the words were so Matt told here and she said “I wish we had a chicken magnet.” What?

“Did you know that the sheep’s wool is taken, dyed and then made into things we can wear?” Yes I did, where did you learn that? “Curious George”

“I’m going to draw a lighthouse.” I tell her how great it is and ask if she wants to draw light beams from it. “No, it ran out of light so it’s actually a dark house now.” Matt asked if she learned about lighthouses at school and she said, “No, it was on Clifford.”

I was brushing Isaac’s new teeth and gums and Jenna was so excited she said, “It’s like he’s a real person!”

“I want to have a dog when I grow up. Or maybe I’ll just get a pet bird and butterfly.”

“Did you know that there are angels in this world even though we can’t see them?!”

I asked Jenna what she was thankful for while putting her to bed and she said, “sleeping!” Amen to that!

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