That’s What She Said……

“Isaac I’m so much more fashion that you are.” You mean fashionable? I say to her. “Ya, fashionable. I have on lots of black and my high heel black boots. I am so fashionable.” Then she says, “You’re fashionable too mom because you have on a black sweater.” So you have to have black on to be fashionable? “Yes, that’s how it works.” Okay, not sure where she got that lesson but that’s what she thinks.

We got to school a little early so I told her we needed to hang out for a few minutes before going in. She says, “Great, lets have a conversation about Jesus.” After a few minutes of that she said “That was good. Now lets talk about bees.” Love how her mind travels from one topic to another.

“Isaac, if you were a monkey then a tiger would eat you.”

While visiting family Jenna said to her cousin Addison, “Addison, I’m 4 now! Can you believe that?!”

Answered a question with, “maybe or maybe not!” We laugh at her and she proudly proclaims, “Daddy taught me that!”

“Well, in this family, I love Isaac the most.”

“It smells like Mac-n-cheese in here. Wait that’s what Isaac smells like. Isaac you’re my little mac-n-cheese. I looooooove you!”  Bahahahaha

“Mom how do you know so much stuff?” Well, I’ve had a lot of school and I’m old. “Ya, that’s true.”

“Mom, why would that monkey want to kick me in the face?” (you know this story if you read the last entry)

“I have the most terrible story to tell you about school today. I was doing my homework and then all of a sudden I fell out of my chair and now I’m going to have a big, nasty bruise on my side!”

“Oooooooo this lemon smells scrumptious. We should definitely make lemonade.”

“I am a very odd sleeper. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and just start singing because I’m trying to put you to sleep.”

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