Another Primate Encoutner

We went to the zoo again this week with some friends and had another insane encounter with a primate. I’m wondering if this too will be a new series I write about. We have a zoo pass for the year so we shall see.

Anyway, we were standing in front of the chimp exhibit watching one in particular that was acting crazy. Jenna and Evie were standing right up front by the glass and the chimp stops for a second, stares at them then starts making noise, going crazy and wait for it…… runs and jumps up to the glass kicking it with both feet at our eye level. Not once, but TWICE. That was the craziest move I have ever seen! It totally freaked the girls out and all I could do was laugh because it was the craziest thing I’ve ever seen an animal do before. Those kicks to the head would have ended their little lives for sure. I’m sure glad that glass was thick.

We went back later to see if he would reenact it for us because the fact that we didn’t get that on video is a crying shame. The girls went but they definitely weren’t sure about it. All the chimps were napping and people kept saying “oh, look how sweet” and I wanted to shout that they are totally insane animals that will kick your head off if given a chance. Sweet my hiney.

So, that’s all for my zoo stories. I didn’t get a picture of the crazy chimp either but I did get an awesome picture of the girls a foot from a cougar and her cub.

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