Living in the Present

When Matt and I were on a date a while back we were chatting about how weird it is that we’ve lived in Portland for almost a year. I asked him why he didn’t seem to miss Bozeman as much as I thought he would. His answer was a great one and has since then made me stop to think. He said, “I just like to live in the present and enjoy where I am. I don’t dwell on where I’m not.” Wow. I wish that I were more like that. I tend to dwell on the things that I miss and want to go back or I look to the future and all the things that I want to be true. Those things, looking back or dreaming about the future, aren’t bad but if I spend too much time there I forfeit what’s happening in the present. I have loved Portland and I’m thankful for how God prepared my heart to move here and enjoy it. We’re in the middle of His will and there’s no better place to be.

I’m thankful for my husband and how his wisdom has helped remind me to live in the present when I would rather be somewhere else.

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  1. you should read, “1000 Gifts” by ann voskamp. i just got done reading it and it was a GREAT book about living in the present. she’s likes to use a little too many words in her description…. but its been helpful!


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