That’s What She Said…..

“Look there’s our neighbor. It seems like he wears the same thing every day.”

“Tomorrow will be Valentine’s Day and my first ballet class. It’s going to be the best day ever!!”

I was trying to explain the word “value” because she kept using it in sentences wrong. For example I said, “While eating lunch I value less talking and more eating.” She paused and said, “well, I guess I don’t have that value.” She’s a quick learner.

While in the car with Matt she was arguing about something. Matt told her to stop because she was wrong. She replied with a deep sigh, “This trip is just not going very well.”

She asked what unique meant. I tried to explain it and she said, “maybe another word we could use is odd.” Yes, some things unique are odd as well.

She looked at Matt and I and said “Why are you such fruitcakes?”

“Mom, I just showed Isaac my picture and he laughed at me. It hurts my feelings when he laughs at my pictures.”

I asked her if she had a hitch in her giddy-up. She thought that was hysterical and asked if I had any more funny sayings. I said, “do you have a bur under your saddle then?” More laughter from her and she said, “I’m not even on a horse!” (I need Bob Schwahn for some more funny sayings)

(While playing with Matt and Isaac) “It’s all crazy up in here!” Yes, Yes it is indeed.

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