The Simple Things

This week has been an emotional week. If you don’t know, empathy is my number one strength on Strength Finders and I have the ability to feel others pain at deep levels. This can be great at times and not so great at others.

This morning the sun is shining and it’s an incredibly gorgeous day in Portland. I just talked to my friend Holly and it was so good to hear her voice. Please continue to pray. Mason has had a really rough couple days and needed another blood transfusion. Poor little guy.

Also keep praying for Brittani and Carter’s family. They told his 5 year old yesterday the terrible news. I can only imagine the confusion and heartache in his poor sweet heart.

Despite feeling emotionally tired I’m enjoying the sunshine, praying a lot for my sweet friends going through the trenches and enjoying the simple things. Here are a few pictures from the week. These are the things that have made me smile.


This tree is in our neighbors yard and it is amazing. On Valentines Day it had the sun shining on it and the flower petals on the ground looked so pretty. I know this doesn’t do it justice but it really is beautiful.






These are the beautiful flowers my sweet husband brought home on Valentine’s Day.





And just look at these mandarins! They are beautiful and make me think of sitting in the sun in a nice warm place like my mother-in-laws courtyard in Arizona. Aahhhhh.

3 thoughts on “The Simple Things”

  1. Beautiful. I love spider chrysanthemums. And I’m sad to hear Mason’s having a hard time. My prayers are with them all, and with YOU, dear Jody with the softest heart.

  2. I am so blessed by your love. I think the Lord knew that I would need you just as much as Isaac does. Thank you for all your kindness love and prayers. The flowers are beautiful. I too have found comfort in the simple things. XOXO


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