Lessons from Candy Land

I was putting Isaac down for a nap last week and Jenna was setting up Candy Land for us to play. When I came out she was all ready to go. She told me right away that she had taken out all the “bad” cards and left just the color cards to choose from. I just let it go and we played the game that way. Here are some things I observed playing that way:

  1. It was boooorrring. That’s right, boring. When there are only 2 obstacles along the way it really wasn’t all that exciting and was very predictable.
  2. When Jenna came to one of the licorice sticky spots and she was supposed to stop she skipped it and tried to move to the next one. She said “I don’t want to get stuck there.” Yes, I know. But this is how the game works. Our nature non-the-less is to avoid the pain of being stuck.
  3. After telling Jenna which direction to move (well over 10 times) I just got tired of correcting her and let her go backwards. She eventually figured it out but constantly telling someone where to go is exhausting.

Such is real life with God right? If we never had obstacles to overcome, trials along the way, the journey is actually pretty boring and we don’t learn a whole lot either. Life is about the journey and trusting God even when we don’t know what the next card holds. This makes the victory all the more sweet when we make it through. None of us like to get stuck and watch others pass us by. It can be painful, frustrating and just unfair. But welcome to life. I love that Jenna is a little competitive but I’m trying to teach her to be a gracious loser and kind along the way. Something I’m still trying to learn. And last, I am a truth teller and love pointing others in the right direction and towards God. But you can only “tell” someone how or what to do so many times before you just walk away and let them do it. That’s how we learn anyway most the time, by experience. I sure pray my kids are faster learners than I have been in some areas of life. Lord have mercy.

What about you? Can you relate to any of this?

3 thoughts on “Lessons from Candy Land”

  1. Agree with Rachel – what a cool way of looking at a dull way to play an incredibly simple game. I finally slapped a masking tape label to the front of our CandyLand: “Blake is a sore loser.” It’s fair warning to anyone who tries to play with him.

    I’m happy to say that he has gotten better and enjoys playing for the sake of structured time together. It only took a year and a half.

  2. great post!
    My youngest daughter is a sore loser and it makes me laugh, i know…mean right. But when she starts losing she says she’s quiting and then i make her play the whole game anyway. I end up laughing because she gets so frustrated she is losing…but pretty soon she loosens up and will laugh.

    And your right…you can only try and guide someone so much….before you’re like “Okay, try it your way.”


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