Updated Prayer Request

I got a text late last night that the father also died that was in the car accident. The heartache is unfathomable for so many. As I lay in bed unable to sleep all I could think of was how sad I felt for Brittani and that family and pray for them all. A wife and mom just lost the 3 men she loved most, her whole family. How do you go home after that? I just kept picturing the quiet, loneliness and coldness of returning to your home after such a tragedy. There’s only one way to do it, by the grace of God. And then there’s a 5 year old boy who is about to be told that the three most important men in his life are no longer there. How does one tiny human being process that and move forward in a healthy way? How does he remain an innocent child? Only by the grace of God.

I just keep thinking, this is not how God intended us to have to live life in the beginning. He didn’t intend for pain and suffering like this. This world because of sin that entered so long ago is a broken place. Yes, there can be much joy, but there is also much suffering. That’s why Jesus came. To be our Rescuer, today, tomorrow and for eternity. So today, I keep reminding myself, the best is yet to come. Heaven awaits with no more tears and pain. Until that day comes I hope to trust God no matter what and point others to Him. It’s not like the the world offers anything better than Jesus anyway, even if His way is hard at times.


On a happier note, Mason is out of surgery and all went great!! Praise the Lord. Please continue to pray that his recovery would go well with no complications and they could head back home as early as possible. Hugs and kisses to sweet baby Mason!

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