I’ve had a nasty cold for the last week. My husband brought this awful virus home from his conference in Texas (I’ve never liked Texas), passed it to Isaac and then I of course got it worse than both of them combined. I really hate being sick. I know, who really likes it? But I hate feeling crummy, not being able to “have it all together”(not that this ever happens), not able to take care of the kids like I could if I were healthy, etc. And worst of all, it exposes my pride because I hate to ask for help and admit that I can’t do it. Do you ever experience this?

Thank goodness I have a great husband and he takes care of me and great care of the kids when I just can’t do it. Thank goodness for grace from the people around me and especially the Lord when everyone can see that I’m a stubborn ass and don’t want to slow down and accept help. That’s right, I said stubborn ass. That word is in the Bible so I’m allowed to say it.

3 thoughts on “Ugh….”

  1. I love you. I’m allowed to say lots of things that aren’t in the Bible, but don’t tell my pastor. Or Jesus. 🙂

    Hope you feel better VERY soon!

  2. hOPE you feel better soon! I hate feeling sick too. Lots of people sick at work…ick! And if they call in sick, i go disinefect their desk so they don’t keep spreading it! 🙂


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