For the Love of Food and God

Portland is known for it’s love of food and drink. Time Magazine said that Portland is “America’s new food Eden”. There are more breweries in this city than any other city in the world and there are not a lack of incredible restaurants to eat at in this city. We could eat out every meal and never hit all the hot spots around here. This is one of the things we’re loving about living here, the delicious food.

Another thing we’ve loved about living here is our church. It’s been an incredible place to be challenged, have fellowship and begin to invest. Someone in the church approached Matt and asked him to lead a Connect Group. Those are groups that you invite people to once a month to help connect and get to know others. They range in everything from hiking to sports activities, to family activities. When they asked Matt what he was already doing that he could invite others to he said “well, I like to eat at food carts.” And so it began, the Food Cart Connect Group. Did you know, Portland has over 450 food carts and is the #1 Food Cart city in the world? So why not incorporate food carts and God? My husband is a genius!

We’ve done two food cart connect groups and they’ve both been so fun and a great way to meet people in church. The food has been AaaaaaMaaaazing! It’s all local food and incredibly tasty. You can get any kind of food your heart desires. So here are a few pictures of our last food cart group experience. I can’t wait for the next one.

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