First Foods

We started Isaac on some rice cereal this week. I mix it with prune juice sometimes because he needs a little help with digestion. So that’s why it looks brown. It took about 2 bites for him to get the hang of it and then cry in protest when I’m not quick enough with the next bite. Such a cute little man!

I took this picture with my iPhone. I think he was confused at what I was doing and maybe worried it would slow me down from spooning it in.

I had to get out my book First Meals to help remind me how to go about this whole introducing food stuff. It’s crazy how quickly you forget. I love this book though and it has great recipes in it. I think it’s going to be a great way of getting us to eat more fruits and vegetables as well. If only I ate as well as I feed my kids…..

2 thoughts on “First Foods”

  1. I like to use Blake as a Hoover for all the unhealthy stuff in the pantry. Hershey bar? Dessert for two days! Cookies I don’t like? Dessert until they are gone!

    I meter it out so that he’s not just filled with junk all the time, but it’s an awfully convenient way to not waste food. 🙂 And I completely agree about the food for babies. I was watching a friend’s young son and she said he could have apples so long as I cut the peel off, ending with, “But you remember!”

    “NO!” I said. “I do not! You’ll have to tell me everything I need to know so I don’t poison your baby, because I’m so far out of this phase of parenting that I have forgotten everything.”

    At least I can still change a diaper. I’m a little nervous about reentering the baby stage! And your Isaac is absolutely adorable.


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