There’s a new TV series starting called Portlandia. Maybe you’ve heard of it. We watched one of the first episodes online this weekend. Some of it is really funny and some of it’s really inappropriate. It’s all about Portland and it’s crazy culture. Below is one of the first clips I watched introducing Portlandia. You should watch it. It’s funny in a way and just so sad to me in other ways. They call it “the dream of the 90’s in this video.” I don’t think you’ll find true meaning in any of the things the people in this video pursue or the things so many people in the city pursue for that matter. Aside from Jesus all things pursued to fill our voids will leave us empty. That aside, one thing I do love about living here is that I have great freedom to leave my house looking however I want and don’t have to worry about what others think. Anything goes around here. I like getting to wear crazy boots. The weirder the better here.

So here’s a taste of the place we live now, the alternative universe as she called it…..


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