All summer we tried to fight off the moles from destroying our new yard and flower beds, we have raccoons that fight the cats at night, crazy, tree destroying squirrels and we also have possums that I’ve watched wander around our back yard. Now, which one do you suppose did this to my flower pot on my deck? I mean really!! This is just absurd. That was a ceramic pot that had nothing really blooming in it (it’s winter around here) and apparently the little critter decided he needed to destroy it. I have one that is just like it on the other side of the deck. It’s orange and white though. I guess they like to eat the red paint. What kind of animal does that?

Now, I’m from a small town and we had guns growing up and it was okay to kill small rodents that are a total nuisance. I don’t have any guns now but if I did, I knew I would not get strung up by all the animal activists that I’m sure live in my neighborhood I would sit in my backyard and blast the crap out of whatever comes in to destroy my stuff. And I’m also ready to use dynamite on the moles. It’s a real battle zone around here. If you have any better ideas let me know.

2 thoughts on “Seriously?!”

  1. Rat traps. Place them where cats couldn’t or wouldn’t necessarily get to them.

    They worked on the prairie dogs around family housing. So did a borrowed pellet gun. I’m going to pull out a battery-powered mousetrap here soon in the hopes of snagging the vole that lives under our porch. It electrocutes ’em! I hope there’s only one…


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