That’s What She Said…..

You are going to be such a pretty ballerina. “Pretty? You mean the prettiest!”

Jenna did you throw the towels on the floor like that? “No” I don’t think daddy did that. Are you sure you didn’t do it? “Yep” Then who do you think did it? “The Grinch”

“Peppers used to be my favorite when I was a kid. You know when I was 3 1/2.”

After Matt read Jenna her new book The Princess and the Kiss he told me it made him tear up. I asked Jenna if daddy cried when reading her new books. She said, “not with the second one.” Love how sweet they are.

Jenna needed help with her new puzzle. She said, “I need some help with this one and you’re old so help me.” Thank you very much.

“I love you little chubber.” She was talking to Isaac thankfully.

“I’m going to live with my own family one day. But don’t worry I’ll come visit you because I know that will make you happy. Do you think you’ll cry when I leave?” Yes, I will be sad and cry. Jenna, will you cry when you leave? “Nope”      Awesome….

“Mom can I ask you a question?” Sure. “I’ve been wondering all day, do cat’s really eat mice?”

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