My Princess Turns 4

Oh the joy and the sorrow of my baby growing up. I feel great honor in getting to parent this incredible little girl. She has been a joy to us and continues to be. If you know her then you know that Jenna is sweet and sassy. I don’t know where she gets it really. It must be from her dad. She has a heart of gold, sensitive to God and others (most the time), adores her brother, has more energy than I have ever dreamed of having, an ability to use more words in a day than Matt and I use in a week, a great sense of humor and daily blows me away with the things she knows. We already battle what she will wear on a daily basis and she likes to choose the thing I say I don’t like. God have mercy on us when she’s a teen.

When I tell her she can’t grow up she tells me she has to because she wants to be a mommy to a baby that has no mom and wants to adopt them. Oh how she melts my heart. I pray that I can help her grow into a woman who will love the Lord and others for the rest of her life. What a high calling this is.

So Happy Birthday to my princess! I love you miss Jenna more than words can express!

**I’m sorry for those of you who hate posts about kids but I feel I owe her a sweet one once in a while. She’s going to hate me for posting all the things she’s said one day on That’s What She Said.

3 thoughts on “My Princess Turns 4”

  1. What a huge blessing she is. I love the things you share. Such a free spirit. She’s wise beyond her years for sure. Happy BD Jenna!

  2. Jenna, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! This is a lovely picture of the angel that you are. ENJOY each and every moment! Blessings to you all this special day!
    –Vicky DeMoss

  3. what a great post. I understand what you mean about trying your best to teach them about the Lord and hope that they will grasp it and hold on to it. Megan just turned 10, and things seem to be changing around here…she is changing and growing up…and i can feel the pressure! YIKES!


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