Birthday Celebrations

Birthday’s in my family have always been a big deal so it’s important to me to make them special. I’m not into spending lots of money (I love the Dollar Store) or going over the top, I just want it to be meaningful.

Jenna had 3 days of celebrating her birthday. How lucky is she?! She had her first little party at preschool on Thursday. We got to go and take treats to the other kids in her class. She was actually really shy and not at all her crazy self while we were there. Weird.

Thursday night Matt and I decorated the house with streamers and white lights for her party and to surprise her.  On Friday she woke up excited to see the decorations and opened her gifts. Then Matt took her to breakfast. Just the two of them. I love that he is such an amazing dad. They had a great time for sure. After lunch Jenna and I decorated sugar cookies for her party. By 1 pm she told me she wasn’t feeling well and wanted a nap. She had too much sugar already. So funny. A pancake for breakfast, a scone (that the lady gave her for her birthday treat at the restaurant) for snack and then a sugar cookie as we decorated cookies. Safe to say that she had hit the sugar coma. After a 3 hour nap she was as good as new.

Saturday a friend and her family came and we took the girls roller skating for the first time. They had a ball and Jenna didn’t want to leave. My arms had had enough though. Quite the work out trying to hold her up for an hour and a half. But so worth it! Then we had the princess party. Jenna has always been very particular and knows what she wants. She knew she wanted a princess party, she wanted a vanilla cake with real raspberries and blueberries in the filling and she found a picture of the exact cake she wanted. My mom and I had a great time decorating it and it was a huge hit.

The girls had so much fun putting on dresses and painting each others nails. I had no idea they would do that at this age. It was a great weekend of celebrating but I am glad I only have to do it once a year. I’m all princessed out. I’m so thankful that I have a sweet girl to celebrate though. What a blessing!

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