Savoring 3

The week after Jenna turned 3 we had many melt downs. The best/worst (however you choose to think of it) one was when we went to the mall and she didn’t want to leave the ice skating rink. Reasoning was not working and the crying was getting out of control. Then the screaming began and Matt had to throw her over his shoulder and walk out of the mall and across the street with her wailing like a rabid animal. It makes me sweat just thinking about it. I finally told her the police were coming to get her to stop the insanity. I know you’re thinking “you probably scarred her for life.” But desperate times call for desperate measures. She only asked in terror for about 30 minutes if they were coming. I honestly thought they might because it looked like we were kidnapping her. Anyway, that day I thought we would never survive 3. But those tantrums were short lived and this past year with her has been such a joy.

So far 3 has been my favorite. I have laughed so much and know that it will continue to be great. But man, I’m sad that today is the last day she’ll be 3, I’m going to savor every second. Tomorrow I’ll wake up and have a four year old. How did it happen so fast?! And according to Jenna tomorrow she’ll drink coffee and feel like an adult. Oh how adorable she is 🙂

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  1. Love your post. She sounds absolutely wonderful! I have forgotton some of the cute things my daughters used to say at that age…i have since learned to write them down somewhere!
    Tell her Happy Birthday for me and God bless your family Jody!


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