A Healthy Team

Our #1 priority as a team in Portland is to be healthy. Not to be productive, efficient or even blow people away with our ministry skills. Sure, we would like to do all those things but it’s not our #1 goal. We want to be healthy so that we enjoy our work, each other and hopefully attract more people to join us in the vision of changing this city for Christ. We want to be a place people thrive.

So what makes a healthy team? We had a team dinner last night and talked about this. Here are some of the things we think make a healthy team:

  • hang out outside of work together
  • communicate well with each other
  • deal with conflict in a timely manner
  • Believe the best in each other
  • Trust (this is built over time but so crucial)
  • longevity of being together (this too will hopefully happen)
  • sharing life together, the good and the bad
  • Work hard together
  • Know what is expected of us, clear expectations
  • know the chain of command/who to go to with questions or concerns
  • Keep everyone on the team involved, including the moms
  • Respect and care for each other
  • A balance of Truth and Grace
  • Good food and good coffee (okay this is mine but those are key to life in general 🙂 )

Those are a few I can think of. I know there are more but wanted to share those.

I also think that this relates to pretty much any relationship or team in our lives. If I relate with others while keeping these things in mind God will be glorified and I’ll probably experience little strife. I desire to be healthy, do you? What things would you add to this list?

P.S. This is our current team picture. Now don’t we look fun?! Want to join us here?

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