The Not So Fertile Road

I feel compelled for many reasons to write a series on infertility. I’m not really sure where to start and when I think about it there are so many things that I could say. For some reason God has allowed us to walk a hard road with fertility and I’ve talked about the state of my uterus with more people that I ever thought normal or possible. But, that’s how it is.

Fertility is a lonely, sometimes hopeless, hard place to be. I think the reason it’s so lonely is because people don’t talk about it and I’m sure there are lots of reasons why. I’m a firm believer that not talking about it doesn’t make it better. I suppose that’s why I’m talking about it here.

I know that my road with infertility isn’t like everyone’s. I may feel differently than someone else about it. Everyone’s story is personal but I think that God can still use it to open eyes to this journey.

So while I’m pondering what topics within my “not so fertile road” to talk about. I’ll ask this. Do you know someone struggling with infertility? What would you like me to share that you think might be helpful?

2 thoughts on “The Not So Fertile Road”

  1. How can fertile couples share kindly and lovingly with friends they ache for in their infertility? How can people be a blessing to those hurting in this way?

    I worry about this for my future – both sides. Maybe the infamous fertility my sisters and I have enjoyed will have dried up by the time my heart is ready for more children. Maybe we won’t get much practice and will pregnant right away and then how do I bless and love couples whose hearts yearn for such abundance?

    How can others be pregnant around the infertile and dodge guilt with love?


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