Thanksgiving and Stuff

We’ve had a great Thanksgiving week with some much needed family time and a little rest. (Along with some craft time. Aren’t my children adorable in their turkey headbands? I mean look at Isaac’s cheeks?! You could eat those for dinner.) My dad was here for Thanksgiving and it was very low key. We even got a lot of house projects done thanks to my dad and husband. Thanksgiving day we went for a walk by the river. It was chilly but beautiful and Jenna played in the sand. Now that we live in Portland we play in the sand instead of the snow. Along the walk we collected some pine cones and pretty red berries. I bought a wire wreath for $1.99 and wanted to make my own wreath for the door this year. So we used some clippings from the tree I hate in our front yard (it is good for something) and wired it on adding the berries, pine cones and a homemade bow (that my husband made) and put it on the door. Success. And for only $3.98 we had a great looking wreath. At least I think so. I also made a centerpiece for the table. I love free and crafty things.

Then the next day we jumped right into the Christmas season. On Black Friday we went and drove around in Estacada to find a U-Cut tree farm. No crazy shopping for us. It took a while to find a place that was open but we found one. We walked through all the beautiful trees until we found the perfect one. We’ve never had a perfect tree before because we’ve always gone to the forest to tromp around in the snow to cut one down. They have character but I wouldn’t call them beautiful so this year we have a beauty. And now the house is fully festive and we’re loving it.

What a great week of Thanksgiving!

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  1. Look at that beautifully chunky little boy! And I mean that in the best best best way possible. He looks healthy and Jenna looks quite proud of her “big-sisterness”!


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