That’s What She Said…..

Jenna’s been learning about Thanksgiving history at school. Here’s what she say’s because of it:

“You can call me soft river on Thanksgiving” She tells us this every day. I think we’ll call her wild waters instead.

“Do we have a table that expands and will we have a feast on Thanksgiving?”

(Before swimming lessons) “Do you know what a bob looks like? It looks like a pteranodon that is diving for fish.”

Jenna, where are your listening ears? “I think they’re clogged.”

Matt was reading a magazine and Jenna wanted to join him. She turned to a page and said “WOW, dad, look at this beautiful woman!” Oh dear. We took the magazine away.

(during a devotion) Do you ever feel sad Jenna? “Ya, like when the squirrels eat our peas, our basil dies, and when all our plants die.”

“I want a red car when I grow up. No, I want a red TRUCK.”  Girl after my own heart. I think she’ll like country music too.

“Mom you’re the best cooker ever!”

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