Coffee Snob

I’m tired today. Kids seem to know when there’s only one parent available and they sabotage your sleep, make you weak and try to conquer you. I’m sure of it. Anyway, it’s gloomy today, I need coffee so my mind wanders to coffee shops.

I’m a coffee snob. I’ll admit it. I like my lattes to be made with great coffee and the perfect mix of soy milk and flavor. I also like the coffee shop to be local, have great personality inside and just be enjoyable to be in. There are about 8 coffee shops in our neighborhood and I like a few of them but there’s not one I love. Most of them do a good latte but not always great. Especially this time of year I want a great pumpkin spice latte and so far the only one to do it perfect every time is Starbucks. I try to avoid there because I like to buy local but when I found myself in the local cafe this weekend disappointed in my latte, they didn’t have any comfy chairs, and it was a little too artsy for me. To top it off one of the locals was so obnoxious with his political views I was forced to leave before I hit him with my Bible I had been so enjoyably reading. I hate to admit it but until there are no longer pumpkin spice lattes available, I’m going to Starbucks.

P.S. Dearest Daily Coffee shop in Bozeman, I miss you.

6 thoughts on “Coffee Snob”

  1. I love your blog Jody 🙂 And yes, the kids just know it when we are alone, dont they? too bad we arent neighbors to endure it together. miss you!

  2. Careful with that Bible Jody! I need to remember not to talk about politics around you. P.s. Stumptown is the best coffee in portland.

  3. Sam, I like to talk politics. That guy was not talking he was spouting hate and stupidity. Does the Ugly Mug serve Stumptown coffee? I had the worst cup of coffee ever there but I think I’ve had great Stumptown coffee elsewhere.

  4. I would gladly join you at Starbucks pumpin spice latte! And since we would already be there we might as well enjoy a pumpkin scone 🙂 I do love the local coffee shops but there is something about going to any Starbucks across the country and getting the same amazing latte as the one before.


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