That’s What She Said

The past week has been another fun filled week. Lots of laughter to be had. I wish I could just bottle this age. It’s the best.

“I have so much joy and happiness in my heart. I love everyone because I’m so joyful.”  Then 5 hours later. “I don’t have anymore joy.” (matt) What happened to it? “A monster stole it.”

Jenna was in the backseat with a friend and she was telling her how much she missed Bozeman and her friends. Then I heard her say, “We had to move here because God asked us to. People here don’t know or like Jesus!” She said it with such horror.

“Daddy, I love you so I want to give you so much hugs and kisses.”

“I can’t wait to spend all your money!”

I heard Jenna from downstairs this morning saying “Need help wiping!” A few seconds later she said, “wow, that sure stinks”

Jenna came out of the bathroom and calmly said “I accidentally pooped on the floor but don’t worry I picked it up and flushed it.”

While taking a bath she said “let’s pretend that I’m Jesus and you’re Peter. I’m going to wash your feet now.” And I let her. It was terrific 🙂

After leaving swim lessons she started sharing the Gospel with me and then she said, “In Bozeman I was a sinner because I didn’t obey all the time. (pause) Well, I’m a sinner in Portland too.”

“You know what makes me happy? Flying ponies!” (she shared this while sitting on the toilet)

6 thoughts on “That’s What She Said”

  1. so cute!!! i love the things they say… rosie said the other day: “mama, hazel’s head gets bigger when she smiles.” miss you!

  2. I love them. I love them all, especially the fact that I get to glimpse into her head/heart that is going on 40. Your daughter is FAR more thoughtful and knowledgeable about Christ than my boy – it’s convicting and encouraging!


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