Baby Brother’s Room

Baby brother’s room is what Jenna calls the babies room and it’s been one of her favorite places to hang out in the past month. There are only 9 days left now until our sweet boy arrives, unless he decides to show up early. We’ve been busy restocking our lives with baby gear and furniture. I know I told many people I would NOT buy bedding or the crib until after we brought the baby home. BUT, I just couldn’t help myself. I had to do it anyway and we’ve had so much fun in the process.

So here are a few sneak peaks at the room and our preparation for the baby.

The bedding:

A home-made mobile for above the crib when it (the crib) arrives:

Jenna practicing with the Bjorn. Don’t worry I won’t let her carry the baby around 🙂

I think this time around I’ve had so much more fun decorating the nursery. Jenna didn’t even have one until she was about 7 months old. I’m not sure if it’s because it’s probably the last time or what. I’m definitely enjoying each and every moment of it. And it’s so fun to have such a cute helper (yes, I mean Jenna). Matt’s obviously a big help too but we’ll call him the hot help.

Stay tuned for more pictures to come. Especially after the babies born 🙂

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