How do you teach your child to be generous? I know that all children have the “mine” mentality. We all do really. Some of us are way more gifted in this area of our lives and do it freely and often. Our friends Steve and Ashley are those people. If you have a need they try to meet it. If you see nice things in our house, it’s been given to us by them. Maybe not all of it, but most of it. That’s just how they are.

Jenna is pretty good at sharing and learning this concept of being generous. She is really one of the most kind hearted kids I know, and yes I’m biased but others have told me that too. But how do I teach her to be generous, open handed, and give freely? We try to model it which I know will catch on but are there things you do with your children that help them in this area?

We have had some great conversations lately about caring more about people than things or activities or for me, my to-do list. People will and should be more important to us than things.

So please parents, or non-parents, send me some practical ideas if you have them!

P.S. I also think that being generous with our time is very important. We don’t all have the financial ability to give big things. It’s more about the state of our heart.

2 thoughts on “Generous?”

  1. Encourage her to give to poor, young missionaries urgently trying to make it to Portland 🙂 just kidding. I am not exactly sure on this… in my own life, I am moved to be more generous when there are a few factors aligning: 1. There is a great need, and I can see that. 2. When the need touches me personally, or I can relate to personally. 3. I get to hear stories of how my generosity combined with others is actually making a difference. I do not know exactly what this would look like for a young child.


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