Beautiful Things

I listened to this wonderful song this week because it was on another blog that I follow. I thought it was so beautiful and loved it immediately. I also thought it was perfect for our adoption entrustment ceremony that we’re doing. An entrustment ceremony is an adoption ritual that acts as a symbolic gesture of the transferring of the parental role from the birthmother to the adoptive parents. It can give the birthmom the chance to symbolically say goodbye and provide a little closure while giving the adoptive family freedom to move forward as a new family. So, this is the song the three of us want to use during that time.

I think that it relates to life in general and how God makes things, and people beautiful but it’s also so fitting for our adoption. God is taking a situation that is so hard for the birthmom and making it into something beautiful. Our little boys life is an incredible miracle and blessing for all of us in different ways. I’m so thankful that the Creator of the Universe cares enough to orchestrate all things and take the hard things in our life and make them honoring and glorifying to God if we allow Him to.


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