I feel as though the last bit of physical proof has been removed from our lives. Today our Oregon Drivers Licenses arrived in the mail and we now have Oregon plates and even Oregon phone numbers. Oh sad day. I knew the day would come when we would be all in, I think it has arrived. Don’t worry Montana you still live in our hearts.

And really to add insult to injury was the process to do those things. We were so blessed to get to retake our written drivers tests. That was like an anxiety attack that took me back to 15 years old. Good times. We had to wait two hours for that super fun experience to be over. We paid over $20 for the Emissions test that took all of 60 seconds to do and then they send us really ugly license cards. They are so 80’s and really flimsy. The whole process in Montana is way more pleasant to say the least. So way to go Montana.

The good news is that it’s done and paid for. Yes! On to better things. Like music in the park tonight. Yah!

P.S. I just have to say again that I did better than Matt and I got the question about what to do when you approach a person on a horse in a rural area correct. Pretty sure that wasn’t in the book but thanks to my redneck roots I got it correct.

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  1. Oh I remember DeAnn. I said I would NEVER live there long term. But I fell in love with it and then 9 years later didn’t want to leave. I also said I NEVER wanted to live in Portland. Those nevers really bite you in the rear 😉 I’m thankful God knows better than I do 😉


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