“Let’s Talk About Love”

Jenna and I were outside enjoying the hot weather this past week and soaking our feet in her little pool. If you know Jenna then you know that she is quite the conversationalist. She has spent most of her life around college students and staff who she considers to be some of her best friends. Anyway, I asked Jenna what we should talk about and she turned to me and said “Let’s talk about love.” I was not expecting that to come out of her mouth. It was so funny. She sounded like a teenager, although when she’s a teenager she probably won’t want to talk to me about love. So we went on to talk about how much she loves us and we love her and how much God loves us and the world. What a sweet conversation.

I’m often times shocked by the things that she understands at 3 and it’s a great reminder to never underestimate your kids.

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