Can you relate?

I can be a glass half empty and not full type person. I call it realistic, my husband calls it pessimistic. Either way I’m always ready for the bad to hit, for the  ball to drop. I figure if I prepare for the worst I’m pleasantly surprised when it doesn’t happen. It does help from time to time. I know, you’re thinking “what is wrong with her?” And I say, Lots of things but lets not go there.

However, it basically says that I don’t trust God is good ALL the time or that He wants to bless me and not harm me. I fight this daily and I have taken great strides in this area. But here is a great article that is on the Stuff Christians Like blog (which is really hilarious most the time). It’s worth reading and I can totally relate. Can you?

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2 thoughts on “Can you relate?”

  1. I find that I’m better off preparing for the worst while HOPING FOR THE BEST. When I leave off that back part, I know I’m not trusting God. When I include it, I’m prepared for Him to say no. Because He does sometimes, and while it’s not that it makes Him BAD, it’s still saying no to something I wanted, which in my little tiny world view is the worst.

    It makes sense in my head.

  2. I can totally relate! I was just talking to God about this yesterday! I seem to think that if I worry about it and think the worst, then the best will happen! Like my worrying has any impact. It is true with me as well that I just don’t trust. I am so afraid of possible pain that I don’t let go of every area of my life. Anyway, long story short, I can relate. 🙂


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