Breaks my heart

After looking at some pictures of our staff friends on facebook Jenna got quiet and sad. When I asked her what was wrong she looked at me with tears in her eyes and said, “I miss Pete.” So yes, I started to cry.

This week Jenna keeps saying, “we moved to Portland right?” and tell her why we moved and she agrees it’s a good reason to go where God tells you too. For some reason this week especially she keeps mentioning the things she misses about Bozeman, one of them being the snow 🙂 and all the friends she misses. She prays for them at night which is so sweet. But it also breaks my heart to watch her grieve the things and the people she loves.

I’m sure thankful that we have good friends here though or it would make all this even harder.

1 thought on “Breaks my heart”

  1. Ouch. My heart’s with you guys – it’s so hard to see your kids grieve and hurt in ways that aren’t immediately tangible. I know exactly what to do for a scraped knee. That other stuff… argh.

    And smack that girl and remind her that snow ten months a year is nothing to miss. I have a sunburn and I’m loving it!


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