Customer DIS-Service

While at my parents last week I had a very unpleasant experience at Rite Aid (which made me feel like that cat looks). I was treated like a total inconvenience and then an idiot by the pharmacist and lady working with him. There was also a family who didn’t speak English well being treated like they were total idiots. While I was checking out I figured out that they weren’t the idiots it was actually that the cashier was not explaining to them what they needed to know because I couldn’t figure out what she wanted and English is my first language. My blood was boiling when I left there and one of the first things I did when I got home was of course twitter about it. That’s me using the internet to vent. Was it mature? That’s debatable.

So why is it so hard to turn the other cheek, to let things just roll off my back and not get me so fired up? Partly the way I’m wired and mostly I’m just sinful I guess. It’s so ingrained in us to be treated fairly and kindly, we have that right! Or is it our right? I’m not so sure. I think if we look at the life of Christ or his followers those are not things we will see, them being treated right and fairly. I have to say though I was more enraged because I also witnessed others being treated poorly and it wasn’t just me. But the point is, how do I want to respond in those situations? How do I want my children to see me respond? Or better yet, do I treat my husband or daughter well when I’m tired, have been asked a million and one questions, etc. Do I treat them like an inconvenience or an idiot? Not always but I’m sure sometimes I do. Man I have a lot to work on.

My prayer: Lord please make me more like you! Amen

*Photo courtesy of zalgon

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