Our New City

We are SO loving our neighborhood. Last weekend there were so many activities going on around us that it was really hard to decide what to do. We started out by going to the Rose Festival Parade. It was amazing! Just to give you an idea of what it was like picture this. It starts out with groups of people walking through. Two of the first individuals we see are two men beautifully dressed as women 🙂 Then there were cheerleaders, rodeo queens, men wearing kilts playing bag pipes, cowboys on horses playing instruments, Native Americans in full head dresses, crazy blue men in head to toe leotards (which Jenna thought was so crazy), lots of bands, followed by amazingly designed floats. There was more but that’s a good start. It was fantastic and we didn’t even see the whole thing.

The other fun activity was the milk carton boat races at a park near by. They have been happening since the 70’s and apparently are a big deal. There were hundreds of people there and the boats were great. They gave away free chocolate milk, yogurt, root beer floats, balloons and stickers. It was so great for families and the weather was perfect.

I always loved Bozeman for the fun family activities, parks, etc. I just plain loved Bozeman but I’m thankful that Portland is exceeding my expectations. It’s been a great start to our new lives here.   

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