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It’s true, I admit it. I watch reality TV. All kinds of reality TV. Judge me if you want but I find most of it fascinating and yes, sometimes inappropriate.  I was an individual and family development major so the study of people is so interesting to me. That’s one of the reasons that ministry is a good fit for me. I love to work with people.

Reality shows like the Bachelorette is like a train wreck waiting to happen and I just can’t stop from watching the horror. I know, it’s messed up. Then after that is on the show True Beauty is on. That one is a really something. In case you aren’t a super sinner like me here’s what it’s about. There’s a cast of people that are basically competing to be the face of Vegas, someone who is the “total package of beauty.” The kicker is that they don’t know they are being watched on spy cameras at everything they do and say. And basically the two who do the worst in competition that week are judged on who was the worst so far with inner beauty. In the end they show the person being kicked off videos of themselves saying really mean things, doing bad things and then they leave. Most of the time people don’t respond in humility or brokenness. They storm off saying you don’t really know me and I’m not a bad person.

It’s just a real testimony to the human condition I think. All people are broken, prideful, trying to prove themselves in some way and in the end there’s usually disappointment (because they pursue things that are void of God).  It was honestly a reality check for me. If there were cameras following me all day what would we see? I’m sure it wouldn’t all be roses. I’m a sinner in process and I pray that each day there will be less ugly in my life and more of Christ shining through.

So here’s to life lessons learned from reality TV.

4 thoughts on “Reality TV”

  1. ACK. That would be morbidly uncomfortable for me. I’m sure they’d catch me picking my nose and worse.

    I can’t think of what would be worse, but they’d find it. And I would probably cry at the shame, not get mad. I could never be on reality TV. I am too sensitive.

    HAHAHA! Ok, I’m too proud. That’s the real reason. Sensitive… I kill me.


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