Watching and Waiting

I’m sitting at the hospital with my family waiting for my mom to be done with surgery. There is nothing fun really about waiting in a hospital. It’s such an interesting place to be. Every few minutes I see a doctor come out and approach a family and give them news of their loved one. I just watched air life land and all I know is that that person’s life will be altered in some way forever as will their families. Life is just so uncertain and really just a vapor as God says. It’s just a reminder that all that will last forever are God, His Word and the souls of people.

So as I sit here and wait I’ll continue to pray for people that I do know and desperately want to know and walk with Jesus. I pray that the God of the universe will be so real to them that in times of great need and everyday blessings He is who they will run to and walk with. And I’ll pray for these people around me, these complete strangers to know God in this way as well.

Are there places that you find yourself that remind you of the things that really matter and the eternity that awaits us?

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